Untitled Mass Effect

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Untitled Mass Effect

Postby jeffzero » Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:50 am


On November 11th, 2178 the capital city of New Thebes on the Terminus world of Anhur was covered in blood.

Violence had spread to the elegant streets of the governmental sector in the middle of the previous night, but it came as no surprise to the locals. Indeed, United Front's "Live Free or Die" militias arrived on schedule.

Now fully backed by the powerful Blue Suns mercenary group, there was no stopping the storm. The tide had turned and the people had at long last reached the pinnacle of Anhur's corruption. They would not stop fighting until that corruption was slain.

Even still, it was beyond ugly. Soldiers, citizens. Men, women, children. After a certain point these distinctions less relevant than either party had originally intended. The Na'hesit had grown weak and their tactics had shifted from traditional batarian warfare to the sort of terrorism their kind was infamous for. And United Front's Blue Suns either hadn't been informed to put the lives of the unarmed ahead of their goals or they simply hadn't been paid enough.

At this stage of the war such stipulations were easily forgotten.

Three men clad in Blue Suns heavy armor raced down an alleyway, chasing a wounded batarian farmer straight into a dead end.

"Please..." The farmer started to beg, but her sentence was left forever incomplete. One of the Blue Suns, a human male with broad shoulders and a giant of a shotgun, fired a slug of energy straight into her skull.

News vids would cover the tragedy of the human-founded colony in entirely too little detail in the coming months. Here on Anhur, the more despicable persons in power had orchestrated an end to minimum wage, reviving the long-abandoned practice of human slavery. Being a batarian-populated world as well, there was much rejoicing on their side of the fence, as slavery had been second nature for their race for as long as they could remember.

Riots broke out and the civil war soon began. Tens of thousands perished when rebel petitions fell on deaf ears, the world's location beyond Citadel space then causing far more trouble than its settlers had predicted.

Two United Front militiamen, dressed in filthy second-rate uniforms, gunned down a fellow human whose position in the government was no secret. Instantly recognizable, the man was Darius Kindler. His support for the abolishment of the minimum wage was well-documented. The militiamen howled in animalistic joy shortly before they were both eliminated from the field of battle via sniper fire from the rooftops.

In a matter of days it would all be over and eager reporters, some truly horrified and dedicated to showing the galactic community a terrible lesson in greed while others still simply tasted their careers being delivered a lucky break, would line these blood-soaked streets asking traumatized survivors for the full scoop. Though United Front would cheer and its supporters would cheer with them, an overarching dread at the whole ordeal would fill the air.

For some unfortunate survivors, however, overwhelming sorrow would lead to utter desensitization by the time the dust settled.

Lyle Hayes was one such man. As he turned a corner to escape the chaos, a stinging unlike anything he had ever known possessed every fiber of his being. If one's entire body felt the sudden need to cry but was summarily denied the prayer it would be akin to what Hayes was currently experiencing. He felt shot but there was no blood to be found -- it wasn't on him, just everywhere else he looked.

At last he collapsed, neither confident he'd escaped the heck that New Thebes had become nor especially aware he should double-check. Sobs like hiccups filled his lungs but they were much quieter than they should have been; his shock had rendered otherwise-screaming vocal cords inoperable.

The fighting continued. United Front and its seasoned pay-by-the-head companions had the upper hand now for sure but the Na'hesit would make them pay dearly for every city block they captured. The majority of the businesspeople responsible for the sapient rights violations had issued a statement of their surrender hours ago, preferring survival to death, but the batarians of the Na'hesit believed they were fighting for what was good and right and the extreme among them would not end an ideological conflict because some cowardly humans wished it.

To heck with Anhur itself for all it mattered; after all, it was a human world in the Terminus Systems. It should have known the risks. It shouldn't have been here in the first place. The Na'hesit were not forgiving.

Hayes threw his gun to the ground and his palms to his skull in exasperation. All around him, everything seemed to fade away. The gunshots were ambient noise and little else.

When he came to, it had ended. Hours, maybe even days had passed. His fellow United Front allies seemed to look straight past him as the corpses were taken from the roads in some eerie janitorial ritual. It was almost as though he was no longer one of them, just some broken man along with the rest of the corpses. And somehow it felt like an accurate description.

Lyle Hayes got up and left Anhur, still silent at the brutal war that had just claimed the lives of his wife and son. Their deaths rocked him to his core.
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Re: Untitled Mass Effect

Postby esuriospiritus » Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:08 am

lol censors

PS: should recruit you to the mass effect 2 mafia flavour writing team. I don't care that you don't play mafia, it wouldn't be a requirement. <_<
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Re: Untitled Mass Effect

Postby jeffzero » Sat Sep 24, 2011 2:06 am


"I can't talk right now, Prakla, I'm... I'm finding peace in the embrace of some other Goddess, you get me?"

As the asari stripper ran her thighs dutifully close to Jin Itou's smitten face he wasted no time continuing the struggle to drop the channel.

"No, it's like I already said. I got no dam# reason to see that woman again after what she pulled at the party the other night. She and I are ancient history. We're... what do you call a really bad break-up in your culture?"

The asari winked and Itou bit his lip. The wailing of an irate salarian on the other end of the ear-pinned transmission was aggravating. But when he was this close to raw sensuality, Itou didn't let it get to him.

"You only think that way because your people don't have as many second chances," the Japanese man retorted after his business partner was finished chastising. Anticipating an angsty retort he followed his statement up with another one. "I'm getting a lot of, uh, exposure on this line," he mumbled as he tilted for a better angle at his entertainer. "I ought to let you go before you realize what you're missing out on. Itou out." Drumming up a sequence on his omni-tool, he sharply ended the call.

"Is that how you treat all your friends?" The asari asked in a playful tone, standing straight upward for a full view.

Itou shook his head; this woman knew exactly what she was doing. "Not a friend, Leta. A salarian."

"Ooh, aren't we discriminating today?"

"They're just so damned talky. You know what I mean. Not like you asari. Always savoring the moment, whatever that moment may be."

Leta arched back, no doubt preparing to impress Itou with yet another exercise in flexibility. Nearby patrons took notice as well, but the exotic act was cut abruptly short when no fewer than seven batarians marched through the doors of the Setting Sun Bar and Brewery, armed to the teeth.

The synth beats kept at it but the mood among patrons and personnel immediately shifted from gleeful to terrified. A single krogan bouncer, a bit lacking in size for his species, took a brave step forward to meet the disruptors head-on but he was clearly outmatched.

Itou swallowed hard at the scene. The music made the tense confrontation hard to overhear but the collective laughter of several of the batarians was unmistakable. He had to hand it to the krogan -- he wouldn't budge, whatever he was saying.

After a tense moment, the batarian nearest the bouncer slowly lifted his hands into the air, still chuckling. "Of course," he said in a louder voice than before, clearly intending for everyone in the small-town establishment to understand him. "My fellow associates and I have no desire to cause any trouble for your guests." He flashed a vicious smile at everyone; Itou found himself counting the number of people present for an estimate of the situation, his smuggler's ways cropping up in an instant.

Altogether there were only eleven customers, two asari performers and just the one bartender to back the lone krogan if things got any dicier. Surely a few of those customers packed a weapon with them wherever they went; after all, this was Vendi. Terminus and all that. But there was no way of knowing just how many. Indeed, this was bad news.

"Let this be an open warning," the batarian further spoke. "We, the crippled remnants of the honorable Na'hesit, have come here on rumors that one of the more prolific murderers of the harrowing Anhur Incident four years past hides among you. We do not rest until our fallen are avenged."

Waving his arms dramatically and then pausing to admire Itou's asari acquaintance, the man nodded slowly at his own words. "Oh yes, we will find this Hayes. We will make an example of this Hayes. Whoever assists us in annihilating this Hayes will be well-compensated. And whoever resists us in destroying this atrocious human scum will be..." He yanked his submachine gun at speeds Itou could not help but admire and shot the krogan squarely in the back in a repeated burst, killing him cleanly. "...well, you know. Shot."

Mad laughter ensued. The other batarians were silent this time; Itou's penchant for information-gathering told him it was a good bet they didn't expect their spokesperson to do that. The aggressors soon departed the pitifully undefended bar and a stunned public stumbled to return to their drinks.

"$#!+," Leta whispered bluntly. "You'd better get him the heck out of here."

Jin Itou scrambled out of his chair to the backroom of the Setting Sun. "Pill-popping piece of trash," he said to himself as he raced to find Lyle Hayes. "You'd better be alright."
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Re: Untitled Mass Effect

Postby RC » Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:02 am

wow thats pretty awesome jz
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Re: Untitled Mass Effect

Postby RC » Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:13 pm

Dude, write more! wtf!
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