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Under New Management

Postby RC » Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:39 pm

As should be quite obvious by now, if you're at all active in the Spark lobby and/or forums: I've made the choice to leave Spark. Overall, this was both an easy and a hard choice. I was just seeing too little development on the game compared to time waited. Some things have gotten better, but overall the game still has some of the same basic flaws, the most egregious being that there is almost no way for a newbie to get on for the first time and have an enjoyable initial experience playing Spark.

Only a select few of the community was actively working to change that, and to them, I give my thanks and appreciation. I don't want to mention any names, because I'm afraid that I will forget someone, and I don't want anyone I forgot to think that I didn't appreciate them. I had a lot of fun with you guys over the years, and what with running BMB and SRL and Spark Realm and SWAT and Spark Faces, I've had quite a few enjoyable experiences of my own. But I must now pass on to a different stage of life.

Consequently, I am hereby handing the reins of Spark Racing League to Gold. I will still support him in his endeavours, and I will still probably be pounding away on the website from time to time, but I will no longer take active part in running the league on a day to day basis. Congrats and good luck, Gold!
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