What is Spark?

What is Spark?

Spark is a 2D top-down team-based internet-multiplayer capture-the-flag game, with compelling gameplay that is simple to learn for beginners but offers years of depth for the committed player. Spark has a loyal and dedicated community, where players group together into like-minded 'clans' to compete in a variety of community-run leagues, ladders and tournaments for ultimate bragging rights. It has a rich history, a wealth of subtle strategy, and best of all, it's 100% free! Download it here or Learn to play!



The downloads section is updated and maintained by Spark Realm staff members with the best content Spark has to offer! This is the best place to find new maps, patches, screenshots, wallpapers, and more! If you have designed a map or patch, and you want it to be featured below, just submit it to or! The best submissions we receive will be displayed below for others to download!

Official Spark Installation

You'll need to download this official Spark installation file if you want to be able to get online and play Spark with the rest of us! This file will also install any Spark updates that have taken place since your last session. Download

SEdit Map Editor (Sedition)

By far the most popular map editor on Spark, SEdit was created by the player Sedition many years ago. Its longevity is directly linked to its simplicity and ease of use, and SEdit remains a valuable editing tool even today. Download

Looking for maps? Head on over to Spark Maps!
ARC Patch (C:\)

Convert Spark to look like classic ARC! A trip down memory lane for us nostalgic oldbies! Download

Wave's Patch (Wave)

A dark, futuristic patch emulating the Legend of Spark, using energy orbs instead of classic flags. Download

Gold's Patch (Gold)

Very simple yet quite elegant, Gold's Patch shines above many of the rest in its quest to satisfy. Download

Bouncy Patch (craig)

A bare bones patch with light-weight graphics, to train you to use bouncies to their max potential. Download

Forest Patch (RC)

A forest-themed patch which replaces walls, floors, and bunkers with trees, rocks, and logs. Download

Star Wars (Godzilla)

A sound patch that sonically reflects the epic audio of the Star Wars saga! Don't miss this one! Download

Sample soundbyteSample soundbyteSample soundbyteSample soundbyte

StarCraft (Godzilla)

A brilliant sound patch that echoes the classic RTS game StarCraft! OMG ZERG RUSH kekeke Download

Sample soundbyteSample soundbyteSample soundbyteSample soundbyte

New Maps

Deadlock - 8-16+
View | Download

Madwars-Mini - 12-20+
View | Download

Cold - 8-16+
View | Download

Backlash - 12-20+
View | Download

New Patches

Classic ARC Patch
View | Download

Forest Patch
View | Download

Wave's Patch
View | Download

Bouncy Patch
View | Download